Making the Most of Your Fort Myers Vacation

The gulf coast of Florida probably beckons you with its sunshine and beautiful beaches; however, area boasts of so much more. Frofm entertainment to dining, the town of Fort Myers offers full day enjoyment. Whether you want to take it easy or stay busy all day, the city has something for you. If you’re planning on visiting, here are three things to keep in mind.

Soak Up Some Sun

Plan on plenty of time at the shore, so gather up your beach gear. Put down a towel or chair and sit outside, soaking up the rays and breathing in the salty air. Take a stroll along the shore, and look for shells. If you’re in a competitive mood, see you can hunt down the most shark teeth. Then, grab some of the tiny shells and use them to decorate a fun castle. You don’t have to be a kid to play in the sand. Are you interested in water excursions? Then, look for a boat tour, fishing trip or Jet Ski rental.

Explore the Town

After a few hours on the beach, you may want to cool off inside or become the tourist and see some sights. Head over to one of the numerous educational locations. For example, the IMAG museum provides enlightening history and science exhibits. Stroll through and participate in live animal exhibits, explore space or try out a virtual reality display. Near the museum, you’ll find the Burroughs Gardens as well as the Ford and Edison Estates. Trek through the historical lands and discover more about the families. At night, city walking tours are available, so you can hear several stories and haunts of the local terrain.

Try Something New

Part of a vacation is experiencing something new, having a fun or silly story to share with others. With that in mind, branch out of your comfort zone, and try a different activity. Grab a hold of the brochures at the hotel. Explore them and pick one or two that excite you. For example, do you want to go on a dolphin tour? Have you considered murder mystery shows in south florida? Hop on a old fashioned train and tackle a puzzle. No matter your choice, live in the moment.

Spending time in Fort Myers is the opportunity to enjoy nature, history and fun. In the morning, you might take it easy, sitting at the beach and watching the sunrise. In the afternoon, you could head out and journey through nature and time. By night, you may be living it up. Simply remember to create memories and have fun.

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