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ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is an online system that informs you in advance that either you are eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) to the United States or not. ESTA speeds up the process at the airport and it is the electronic version of the form previously completed at immigrations. ESTA has replaced the old traditional system of filling out a green I-94W piece of paper on a plane into the US. That I-94W paper was considered as the Visa Waiver form.

All nationals of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) require an approved ESTA USA to travel by air or sea to the US for temporary pleasure or business. This does not apply to the travelers who hold a US visa or US citizens traveling abroad. In old system travelers only find out on arrival that whether you fit for VWP or not, but now, thanks to ESTA US travelers know in advance what are they eligible to travel or not. This facility minimizes all the possible losses of travelers like airplane fares, hotels and more.

ESTA applications collect answers to the VWP eligibility questions and biographic information. The ESTA US application can be submitted at any time before travel, but it is highly advised to apply at least 72 hours before traveling. It is also important to understand that applying for an ESTA successfully doesn’t mean that you are allowed to enter the US automatically, but it just establishes that you are eligible to travel. Only a Border Protection Officer and the US customs can decide your entry in the US and it’s completely at their discretion. It sounds horrible, but there are very few situations of being denied entry since ESTA is introduced.

It is essential to have an E-passport that is an enhanced secure passport to use VWP. ESTA US authorization can only be granted via the online application and anyone can complete an ESTA on behalf of an individual. Children who wish to travel to the US also need ESTA. ESTA US has an end date, usually two years from being granted or till the sooner expiry of your passport. It is not possible to renew it, but you must have to apply again for ESTA in exactly the same way you did the first time.

Visa is no more necessary to enter into the USA; ESTA is the modern alternative of a US visa. provides you ESTA application online form and here, you can apply for ESTA US in simple three steps to the application:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Confirmation
  • Pay and Receive ESTA

ESTAEXPRESS24 provides you live support around the clock, a pre-check to correct your data manually, 100% security of your information with Hosting in Germany, certified data protection, and transparency to get access to the progress of your application. provides you 99% approval guarantee or you can get your money back. You simply need to apply ESTA, pay a fee for ESTA application through a debit/credit card or PayPal, print, and travel to the USA.

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