How do I become a pro racing driver?

Using a Driving Simulator perhaps is one of the most efficient ways to train yourself to become a professional racing driver. It is a safe and convenient way of teaching yourself how to drive powerful racing cars. The simulator will help you train to drive even in the most dangerous conditions. The simulator helps you learn the rules of pro racing from the safety of your home or driving school without undertaking the risks associated with it. But one tip that you need to keep in mind before you start, is not to use a new or a good car that is in your use, for learning how to drive for a race. Rather, you should go for the used car dealerships and check out the used cars for this purpose. So even, if your car is damaged in the process, you will have your car for regular use, in good shape.

Simulator Helps You Gain Experience in Manual and Automatic Settings

As a professional driver, you need to learn to handle both manual and professional cars. Though you will mostly have your own preferred transmission, you will be asked by the simulator to use an alternative transmission and that is an opportunity to gain some experience in both settings. It is much safer to learn to drive manual and automatic in a simulator than in real life.

Types of Pro Racing Simulator You Should Consider to Become a Pro Racing Driver

There are a wide range of pro racing learning simulators you can consider in order to sharpen your skills at becoming a pro racer; The Motion Pro II (includes virtual reality Integration, and Open-Wheeler Gen2 Racing Simulator Cockpit, are just a few of the top-best Racing simulators you can choose.

The Pro racing simulator you choose must be compatible with all wheels, compactly designed and easy to move, comes with a gear-shifter mount, adjustable height and wheel, comes with a monitor stand, adjustable shifter holder, and Superior build quality.

Join a Racing School

Joining a racing school perhaps is the quickest way to obtain a racing license and even learn more about becoming a pro racer. The training session at the training school could last from between 6-24 months, depending on how quick you can lean and grasp the lessons. Fortunately, Formula 1 teams do have training schools for those who have the potential to become pro racers in the future.

Being in a very good physical condition will prepare you for the stress and anxiety that can affect your performance in pro racing.  The training school builds your physical and mental capability to become a pro racer and also meet driving requirements. Pro racing organizations will require your driving school certificate before approval of your license. Some driving schools will also enroll you for competitive racing once you complete your training.


Becoming a professional Go-Kart racer is one of the best possible ways to become a pro racer. To Go-Karting, make sure you find a good go-kart . You should go for the race-ready go-kart with the appropriate gears. Take care of safety components such as Full-face helmet, skid-resistant driving suit, neck collar, driving gloves, and driving shoes. Watch some Go-kart racing in action to observe and apply the skills you acquired from the simulator training.

Get some training from Go-kart racers and enroll for a go-kart racing competition for beginners. There are lots of beginner kart owners that can allow you rent Go-karts for a small fee. Go-karting at a slow speed as a beginner, and then increase the speed gradually. Go-karting race is one of the best beginner competitions where you can improve drastically before you enter the professional championships.

The best pro racers often enter into numerous Go-karting competitions before they move into a bigger competitive racing. You will surely find it easier to break into the top professional league if you make it tops in Go-Karting competitions. It is also important that you join a pro racing team as early as you can. Some pro racers actually join racing teams when they get enrolled in training schools.

Tips to Get Started on Go-Karting

Choosing your driving line is the most important step towards becoming a professional go-karting racer. The following helpful tips will help you improve on your lap times and style of racing.

  • Your racing line is the path taken by the go-kart especially for the fastest corners. Make sure you determine how you progress along the line by choosing the ideal turn-in point, apex, braking, and exit point to improve speed and performance.
  • To choose the ideal braking point you must consider the condition of the kart’s brakes, your weight, and how quick you can decrease your speed. As a beginner, learn to brake early and avoid braking when turning, to prevent tires from losing traction.
  • Turn-in point and Apex are also important in successful Go-karting. You need to avoid turning your kart too late and too early. If you miscalculate your turning , you will lose your “Apex”. You can reduce the risk of miscalculating your turning by minimizing the sharpness of your turn.
  • When exiting a race, always go for a smooth curve and simply let the Kart glide to the outside edge for a perfect exit.

Take Part in Competitive Racing

When you are done with training in the racing school, you might think you have everything in place to enter your first race. The simple truth is that no matter how much you have practiced or get trained, nothing will prepare you to become a pro racer until you enter a pro racing event.  As expected, you should enroll for a beginner pro racing event , and you don’t have to perform perfectly at the event. With your first competitive racing, you will begin to see the ins and outs of the pro racing world. From your first racing performance, you will eventually understand the areas you must improve.

Taking Part in Competitive Racing as a Beginner

The first step you can take to help your pro racing career is to sign up at a pro racing track . You should run a test lap instead of jumping into the race directly. A track will normally allow you to run a test lap which is very important to evaluate and practice what you have learnt at the training school and while Go-karting. The next step is to work your way up and then get a sponsorship. Getting a sponsorship can be easier when you start winning Go-kart races. Joining a racing team can also help you boost the chances of securing sponsorships.


This content has giving you an insight into how you can become a pro racer, especially by going to a training school, choosing the ideal simulator and Go-Karting. Practice will always make you perfect and that is why you shouldn’t take a long brake from active racing, in order to become a true professional. You can rely on virtual reality simulations to practice real-world pro racing. Test races are particularly good to test your skills before any competitive racing.


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