Best Hotels in Nainital

Nainital is known to be a bright city with a lot of attractive sights, smiling people and an overall interesting atmosphere. A vacation or a visit alone or with your family and loved ones to this ever glowing city might just be one of the best decision you are about to take. In other to make your stay worth the desire, I have decided to show you 5 of the best hotels near Nainital.

  • The Himalaya Hotel

This hotel due to its exquisite feel and warmth, is no doubt the best hotel in Nainital. With a beautiful structure that is well equipped with the best facilities you can find anywhere, this is the ideal place to be when on a vacation to Nainital. From this hotel, you can catch a perfect glimpse of the Naini Lake, and trust me, it is a sight to behold. It comes at about 4500 INR per night.

  • Elphinstone Hotel

Coming second on the list of best hotel is the Elphinstone hotel. This hotel is known for its well-furnished room with quality furniture’s and sofa that helps give you a warm and comfortable reception. Not only will you also be able to catch a view of the Naini Lake from here, it also offers a beautiful garden where you can hang around with loved ones. A night here will cost you about 4000 INR.

  • The Grand Hotel

This hotel is situated near the Naini Lake and known for its long history of excellence. Not only does it provide a comfortable stay for you, it is also one place that everyone who comes around to Nainital want to visit before their stay elapses. Depending on what room you desire, the cost per night is put at about 3200 to 7000 INR.

  • Channi Raja Hotel

When you think luxury, then hotel Channi Raja should be your thought. This hotel offers to guests a very luxurious look and feel with its well-furnished wooden furniture, well-spaced rooms and the best hotel services. It offers guests great comfort all through their stay. This hotel costs about 4000 to 9000 INR per night.

  • Classic The Mall Hotel

This hotel has been known to be one of the best hotels to lodge in Nainital. This is largely due to its excellent location to the very interesting places in Nainital. It also offers a number of outstanding services to guests and provides facilities that let guests enjoy indoor games.

To make the most of your visit or vacation to Nainital is to stay in the best hotel while you go round during the day visiting places. Any of these hotels, has been well furnished to provide you with comfort and satisfaction.

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