5 beautiful souvenirs you should pick up as you travel the world

The world is a big place. Whether you’ve never left the United States and are planning a round-the-world trip or you’re an eleutheromaniac looking for your next adventure, bringing home a piece of every country you visit allows you to remember your experiences and share your love of the world with your friends and family. And, let’s face it, shopping is super fun.

Below, we’ve put together five trinkets that you should pick up when traveling the world…

Indian Sari

Made with blood, sweat, and tears (no, not literally) silk saris are a unique piece of Indian culture and a luxurious souvenir that you should consider buying on your next visit. Each is made with intensive labor impressive handiwork, and if you’re staying in one city for a week or so, you can commission your own sari to be made using your favorite colors and designs.

Irish Jewelry

Ireland is famed for its whiskey, horseshoes, and delicious chocolate, but it’s the country’s jewelry that makes for a great souvenir. Whether you buy a Claddagh ring, a symbolic ring that incorporates friendship, love, and loyalty, or you treat yourself to some traditional Celtic cross Jewelry, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Always opt for hallmarked pieces that have been handmade in the country – that way, you’ll carry a piece of Ireland with you wherever you go.

Australian Boomerang

Boomerangs have been used in Australia for thousands of years as a hunting tool, and though you’re probably not going to catch a kangaroo in the United States, it’s a great decorative item that can sit proudly on your wall. Most boomerangs are nowadays sold as souvenirs to tourists and are painted in beautiful vibrant colors with traditional dot painting. If you’re looking for something really special, commission a local artist to design one for you.

English Teddy Bear

Though the teddy bears were actually invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, they’re now a British institution, sold in their millions every year. And with American stores like Build-a-Bear popping up to keep kids entertained, they’re more popular than ever. If you want a souvenir to remember your time in the UK, head to Harrods when you’re in London and pick up its annual bear, now a staple of the department store. Refreshed every year, this bear allows you to immortalize your visit to London, giving you a friend you can take home.

South African Amarula

Take home a bottle of Amarula from your next visit to South Africa – but take it easy, or you might forget those precious memories of your trip! If you didn’t know, Amarula is a cream liqueur that’s made in South Africa using fruit from the Marula tree; it’s a fruiter version of Baileys. Try it with ice cream or on the rocks – it’s oh-so-delicious and less than $10.

Pick up these items as you travel the world and check back soon for more travel advice on this blog. Wherever you’re jetting off to next, we wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.

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