Student Accommodation – Why It’s Way Better than a Dorm

Enjoying the university life.

Nothing is more exciting than finally going to a university and getting a degree. Finally, you’re one step closer to living the life you’ve always wanted. Plus, you’ll now be living on your own while attending uni. But should you live in a dorm or in a student accommodation, like an apartment or a single room?

As exciting as it may seem to be living independently and away from your family for the first time, this point in your life can also be stressful and scary all at the same time. You’ll feel a range of emotions, naturally. And one of the things that could stress you out is deciding between living in a uni hall or in a student room.

If you really want to enjoy the freedom that comes with living independently, then living in student accommodation would be your best option.

Student Accommodation – The Perks


While it can be convenient to live on campus, it will be more ideal to live in a student residence for the following practical reasons:

    • Enjoy more privacy.

Yes, you can have a roommate in your apartment if you want to save money on rent. But there will be plenty of places in a student housing where you can enjoy some much-needed privacy. Unlike living in a tiny dorm room, getting a room in a five-bedroom housing unit, for example, gives you more space to do whatever you like. This is most important for when you need some peace and quiet to study for an exam.

You’ll be able to enjoy more privacy if you rent an entire room. You won’t have to worry about being disturbed by other people or disrupting other people’s activities because you’re not sharing a room with someone else. More importantly, you’ll have your own bathroom.

    • Be able to save money.

Surprise, surprise! College dorms may seem like the cheaper choice, but in truth, student housing can be more practical. This is because uni halls require you to pay for room and board, which includes costs for utilities, laundry service, food, and the like.

When you decide to stay in a student residence, you can choose a living option that will suit your needs and budget. This means that you will only need to pay for services that you will actually use, like internet connection, electricity, and water.

    • Have better amenities.

A college student studying in a quiet area of a student residence.

Living in a dorm doesn’t give you access to basic amenities, like a kitchen, gym, private bathrooms, etc.

But if you live in a student accommodation in Brisbane or other parts of Australia, you’ll be able to enjoy better amenities, including gaming area, swimming pool, BBQ area, TV room, study area, and more.

    • Fewer restrictions.

Wherever you choose to live, there will always be sets of rules you need to follow. But in a student housing, there are fewer rules to follow – you are free to do whatever you like as long as you’re not disturbing your housemates or are doing anything illegal.

    • Be able to choose who you want to live with.

Typically, uni halls pair up students based on the answers you write in a questionnaire you will need to fill out upon registration for a dorm room. This means that it’s highly likely that you’ll be living with complete strangers.

With student accommodation, you’ll have the freedom to choose roommates that you’re comfortable living with. This ensures a harmonious environment that will make living away from your loved ones less lonely.

Making the Most of Your Stay

Challenges may come along the way, especially when it comes to finances. One way to be able to maximise your budget, choose a student residence that is closer to your university. That way, you won’t need to spend a lot on transportation or even food if you cook your own meals.

With a plethora of student accommodation options you have nowadays, it helps to seek guidance from the experts, like  Student One. Find out more about them now.

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