Some ideas on how to improve your next holiday.

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We all look forward to our holidays, spending some quite time with family and or friends, or not so quite depending on what you like to do. Either way, we all look forward to these breaks and want them to be as enjoyable as possible. Here are some ideas on ways in which you can use new services and technology to enhance your next break.

1, Google translate app

I have often struggled to have my school boy French accent understood and have the vocabulary needed to ask the questions that I wanted to, let alone be able to understand any reply’s that I was lucky enough to get.  So, discovering the google translate app has been great. This will turn your smart phone into a walking translator capable of translating your typed messages into over 100 different languages, so finding the right word to use will never be a problem again.

It also has voice recognition for 33 different languages, which means that if you watched Star Track growing up, that the Universal Translator is no longer a science fiction creation. You can speak into your phone and have a translated voice message played for someone else to hear. Enabling you to have a voice conversation with someone in a different language, amazing.

The app also has a language image recognition software functionality, which means that you are able to photograph a sign or menu, that you can upload it and the app will read the text and translate it for. Fantastic when you need to order the right food off a menu you cannot read.

So I would recommend downloading this free app and avoid the need to carry a translation dictionary on your next holiday.

2, Send your luggage ahead.

If you are elderly, or disabled or just prefer to travel like a VIP, now there are specialist luggage shipping services that can collect, route and deliver your luggage all for similar costs to airline baggage making their services a real alternative. Specialist luggage shipping services like Courierpoint will arrange with the best international couriers to collect case from your door and deliver them to your hotel before you even leave for the airport. This will enable you to travel with complete peace of mind that your bags will be waiting for you on arrival.

3, Read independent Reviews.

When you are in the planning stage of your holiday, you need to compare various options, and their websites all have the best photographs and give a beautiful impression of potential hotels. However, if you take time to visit the independent review sites such as TripAdvisor, you will get a clearer and more honest impression of service levels and the quality of the facilities. You may even get to pick up a perfect tip, that will help to make your trip even more special, such as the room with the best view in a hotel. Remember that these sites only work because real visitors contribute reviews, so please give yours.

4, Turn your phone into a foreign currency debit card.

You can now download the new Revolut banking app that will let you have a prepaid debit card in 25 different currencies on your mobile phone. Not only will this add to your security when you are abroad, but you also get some of the best exchange rates available, giving you some extra spending money.

I hope that these tips and ideas inspirer you to include them when you are next travelling abroad.


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