Guide to trekking in Nepal

Nepal is well-known for its charming mountains including the mighty Mount Everest known to many. The locals are very friendly to visitors. There are several well-made tea houses for serving tea to visitors and locals. Trekking in Nepal is quite a great idea to adventure. There are many places for trekking and therefore you have to be clear on your objectives. Nepal offers short treks, mediums, and long treks.

The following are some of the guidelines you should follow for a smooth trek.

Choose the best season to go trekking

Nepal has been experiencing a drastic change in its seasons and monsoon rains. Seasons change from time to time and therefore it is difficult to choose the most appropriate for adventure. You need to keep in touch with your trekking company to help you choose the days, month which is suitable for you. A reputable company will give you their staff to guide you.

Pack all your necessities for trekking

There are a few basics that you need to carry with you. This should be done before you are set for your journey. Get all that you may require ready so that you don’t have to go spending money on things you already have. It can be very costly for you to buy things like a tent, hiking shoes, sleeping bags in Nepal because the demand for such items is very high. Pack your thermal clothing, jackets, sunglasses, bag, tent hiking poles, and such. Whatever you need to buy, do it before you leave for Nepal.

Train to prepare for trekking

Trekking in Nepal is not a walk in a park. At least a month before you set for this destination, you should prepare by exercising, doing a few rounds in your city, or home country. Do some treks in some hilly place- get used to it. This will ensure that you don’t get stressed once you are in Nepal.

You require a trekking guide

Your hiking will be very enjoyable with a guide moving with you all the way and helping you where necessary. Some areas are restricted and you will need to know which ones so that you avoid the restricted areas. Guides will make the trip more enjoyable. Be ready. They will also help you to get the trekkers’ information management system permit in Nepal.

Trekking is grouped by regions at Nepal

The best treks are grouped by region in Nepal; you will be able to visit a couple of places in one trip. This helps you to choose the best region for Nepal trekking and enjoy their adventure. The regions are the Everest region, Annapurna region, mustang, western Nepal, Eastern Nepal and Langtang, Manaslu, and Helambu regions.

Teamwork wins

Hiking on a high multitude comes with its challenges including some acute mountain sickness. You may not notice it on your own and therefore you need a guide that understands and can spot it. Once it’s diagnosed at earlier stages, the symptoms can be dealt with and thus you’re relieved.

If you are a trekking diehard, then Nepal has the best scenes for you. You only need to get a good trek company with experienced guides who will help you enjoy your time.

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