The Most Important Thing To Do Before Travelling

Going on a vacation can be deeply exciting. It has the sense of escape from the mundane and repetitive. It makes you feel special and privileged. Given that this is the case, you always prepare for it with extreme caution. You pack your bags with exactly what you need depending on the weather and the occasion. You buy all types of cosmetics etc. You spend a lot of money on it. But most people forget one crucial element. That is, travel insurance. Are you immune from accidents on your vacation? No. So why are you gambling? Always get travel insurance!

Why get travel insurance?

When you think of a vacation, only relaxation and fun comes to mind. If all goes well, this is probably what you will have. But how can you be sure? A lot of risks are involved. It starts right from the airport. What if you miss your flight? It is ridiculously expensive to book one on the spot. Then what if the airlines loses your bags? What if you meet with an accident on your adventure activity? What if you die? You can’t leave those around you high and dry? Insurance will prevent this. So don’t be arrogant. Get insured.

What are the types of Insurance?

There is no one size fits all for travel insurance. It will almost entirely depend on your trip. If you are flying or going on an adventure trip, you must ideally get an insurance with a larger cover to cover for more eventualities as these sectors are largely unpredictable. As a result, one must always be extra cautious. If your vacation is a little more docile, consider insurance that covers the basics like medical and baggage. But no matter what the insurance, you must keep certain things in mind. What are these basic essentials? Continue reading on to find out.


The premium is probably your number one deciding what insurance you have to purchase and this is quite natural as this is what you will be incurring. Normally, every insurance will have levels of plans. The insurance plans which provide the most cover will generally be more expensive. The mindset people go into this decision is that nothing will happen to them and so a basic insurance is sufficient. But this is exactly what every other traveler who met with an accident thought too. So it is best not to risk it. Get the best insurance cover you can afford.


The amount of cover your insurance provides is by far the most important consideration. It determines how safe you are. As previously mentioned, it’s best not to skip on this aspect. It is always best to buy the largest cover you can afford. If you skimp on this and something happens, you will have to incur a humongous cost on that, especially if it is related health. Most hospitals across the world would not even treat you without insurance. This being the case, you should always get the best cover you can afford. No amount of stressing emphasizes this enough.


This aspect determines the length of your cover. The general prudence exercised by people in this regard would be to buy insurance from the day of their departure to the day of their arrival. This might seem safe, but is actually quite risky. An accident might involve your flight getting cancelled or you having to stay longer than expected. In these circumstances, you should always opt for a couple of days after your estimated date of arrival. This will no doubt increase costs by a little, but it is well worth the safety net it provides in case of circumstances.

Eventualities considered

Lots of things can go wrong on your vacation. You may miss flights, loose bags, you may fall sick or meet with an accident or you may die. Does you cover protect you or your loved ones from all this? It’s a crucial aspect to consider. Some insurances cover all this in one plan. But some do not. To know if you have the right insurance, read the terms and conditions. See if it covers all possible situations. You do not want to buy an insurance believing it covers everything, only to be given a rude awakening at the hospital.

How to buy insurance?

Buying an insurance is simple, but not as simple as you might think. Most people usually just see on insurance and decide to buy it. This is irresponsible. You must always compare travel insurance. This is very easy to do. If you are going to Singapore for example, just search for travel insurance comparison Singapore and you will find tones of condensed information. Use this to decide which is best. Once you have found it all, decide which is best using the factors discussed above and purchase it. This will ensure you find the best insurance possible without being hasty.

How to save money?

It is true that you should go for the best premium you can afford. The problem with this is that it is a burden. You have already spent a lot of money on all sorts of expenses related to vacations. It might not be feasible for you to spend another bomb on travel insurance. You need discounts. To find them, look for promotions, by just searching for travel insurance promotion Singapore, if you are going there. You will find promotional deals which will cut costs for you by a lot. It will decrease the burden without compromising the cover provided.

Final words.

A vacation is supposed to be a fun, relaxing time. But that does not mean you are completely safe. Even if you are, you will never be able to completely enjoy if you are constantly worried about being safe all the time. So to avoid all these issues and to fully and truly enjoy yourself, get yourself travel insurance. It will protect you in all possible circumstances and you will vacation peacefully with this knowledge. Just be sure to carefully inspect the terms and conditions and to compare policies before purchasing them. Hopefully though, you won’t have to use it!

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