White Sands, Turquoise Waters and Maid Service is the Solution

Yes, white sands, turquoise waters, zen-like surroundings, maid service and a sanctuary away from the stresses of life await you! Make the dream a reality! What are you waiting for? Sometimes we all need to be re-charged. It’s like the expression, “When your cup is empty, you have nothing to give others.” When you fly on an airplane the flight attendants firmly instruct the adults to put the oxygen mask on first before they place them on the children. What good is an unconscious parent to a child? It is time to fill your cup, so you can come home with renewed perspective on life. We work hard not only to retire someday but also so that we can enjoy life’s journey along the way. Stop and smell the roses once in a while. Immersed in the hustle and bustle of life we easily forget just how beautifully fragrant they are.

A tropical vacation is not only good for one physically but mentally we need to be re-booted. Have you found yourself snapping at your loved ones for things that aren’t their fault? Do you wake up every morning using every bit of mental power to place your first foot on the floor to get out of bed? Are you still half-conscious after showering in the morning? There is an answer just around the corner. Glitter Bay Barbados is one of the best solutions. Palm trees, warm, gentle breezes and crescent shaped pristine beaches await you! Break the stress cycle! A relaxing vacation can greatly improve family relationships.

Besides swimming in crystal clear ocean waters or the pool, one can enjoy tennis courts and all kinds of water sports. There is water skiing, wind surfing, snorkeling, table tennis, foosball and more!

Witness the exquisite ocean life while snorkeling. You will see a colorful kaleidoscope of different fishes and strange creatures you did not know existed. You will swim by all kinds of tangs the size of dinner plates… a sight to behold! Friendly sea turtles, rays, parrot fish, barrel sponges and sea urchins are waiting to meet you. When carefully searching among the cracks of rocks, jetty remains, wrecks and tiny caves, you will discover other sea life including octopus and moray eels. When examining the sandy floor of the ocean, you will occasionally see conch shells, star fish and sea snakes.

After working up a keen appetite one can enjoy dining with a cocktail and mouthwatering dishes on the indoor/outdoor terrace. You can choose to prepare your own meals in the kitchen of your luxury hotel or relish the delights of the many fine restaurants available. You might want to try cou-cou (cornmeal and okra), perpperpot stew, macaroni pie or delicious bread pudding!

Be sure to bring a reliable water camera. You will not want to forget the wonderful world of sea life that you will undoubtedly experience. Keep a daily journal at the end of each day. You will most certainly want to share these cherished moments with your friends and family! Be careful, however, you will run the risk of wanting to make this place your new home! Hmmm…that might not be such a bad idea!

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