Your Best Guide to Finding the Ideal Pair of Sandals for Your Feet

Sandals have been around for a long time, and most – if not all – of us will have a pair (or more than several) in our closet or wardrobe. The fact of the matter is that sandals are very comfortable, and if you want to look casual while still getting the proper support for your feet, sandals are a brilliant choice. Of course, there are different kinds of sandals out there, each with their own distinct design and style and material, so you should already have a good idea of what you want before you look for that perfect pair. But there are other considerations when buying sandals that you should think about as well. What are these considerations, then? Here’s your best guide to finding the ideal pair of sandals for your feet.

  • The ‘rub’

Unlike other shoe styles such as boots or pumps or loafers, sandals will only make direct contact with your feet in a few key areas, such as the soles of your feet, the ankles (if the sandals have straps), and the heels. So with this in mind, remember that poorly-designed or ill-fitting sandals can rub on your feet in those areas they come in contact with, and this may result in blisters. The first rule, therefore, is this: to avoid the risk of blistering, be choosy when purchasing your sandals.

Look only for the best materials, such as leather, and make sure they are made with good craftsmanship. It would also be a brilliant idea if you could look for sandals with straps, such as the popular Jesus shoes, which often feature straps across the front of the foot and even ankles for better support. When you choose sandals with straps, the larger area covered by the straps will prevent the material from rubbing against the sensitive skin of your feet, thus making you more comfortable as well.

  • Proper support for the arches

Here’s another thing: when you are buying sandals, look for proper support for the arches of your feet. For example, a simple pair of rubber flip flops will not often provide you with a stiff, strong sole, and this can be quite uncomfortable if you are walking a great distance or for a long time. If you are looking for sandals that you can wear throughout the entire day without giving you any discomfort, look for those which provide better support for the arches. A strong sole will always be a good buy, and this goes not only for the outside sole, but the inner sole as well.

  • Think about their purpose

When buying sandals, you also have to think about their purpose. In other words, when and where are you planning on wearing them? If you are wearing them to the beach, it’s best not to opt for platform sandals, as they can be uncomfortable while walking on sand. If you’re wearing your sandals for a casual day at the office, then it’s a good idea to go for something a bit more formal, like leather sandals with beautiful straps. Think carefully about their purpose and where you are wearing them, and if you would like something more versatile, one excellent material is leather because you can pair it with almost anything.

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